Friday, May 21, 2010

Age two is hitting hard

Well, the kids' praise music CDs are still favorites. Now Eleanor is starting to join in - not tunefully, no, but loudly. Her song of choice is "Prince of Peace" (aka the echo song where the women get to sing the really cool part with all the names of God and the men's part is kind of boring)

But it has a little two-year-old twist:

I sing: You are holy
Eleanor: you are holy

Me: You are mighty
Eleanor: you are mighty

Me: You are worthy
Eleanor: wordy...

Me: Worthy of praise

Me: I will follow
Eleanor: NO FOLLOW!

Me: I will listen
Eleanor: NO LISTEN!

Me: I will love you
Eleanor: I love you

Me: All of my days

Thursday, May 13, 2010

There's just something about a pink plaid fedora

I'm a sucker for hats. I like them on myself, though I'm not a flashy enough dresser to feel confident in pulling off a nice artsy hat look. That takes a very special personality.

But I can force my kids to wear them!

We went shopping yesterday, and came home with, among other "necessities," a few accessories for the kids. In addition to Nora's Blues Brothers look above, Miles got a cap (note: I just thought it was a cute shape. Didn't realize it was a "skater" cap or what the "SK8" insignia meant).

He also got a brown and white seersucker dressy cap, not pictured. Eleanor wouldn't hold still to model her pink baseball cap or her plaid baseball cap, and refused to even entertain the idea of wearing her floppy blue polka-dot sun hat (possibly my favorite). So much for fashion-show photos; I guess the attention span deficit defeated me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Punctuality is next to godliness...

...or so says my son.

We recently bought him a CD of praise songs, sung by and for kids. It's his current favorite, and it's kind of fun to hear renditions of "Beautiful One" and "Prince of Peace" floating around the house. He likes the echo songs the best, because he gets to be the leader.

This evening at dinner Miles treated us to a (loud) version of his new favorite:

"Lord I lift your name on time"

Heh. Apparently I'm rubbing off on him. Anyway, it gave me the giggles.